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Registration for litigation financing

LitFin – Litigation Financiers and Pinsent Masons in cooperation with TILP




If you are interested in litigation financing offer or have any questions, please provide your contact details in the registration form above. One of LitFin team members will then reach out to you.  

Please note that it is only able to process funding applications from investors who have suffered a total loss of at least EUR 20,000. 

In the event of success, you will receive the net earnings minus LitFin’s success commission, which is determined by the amount of your claim according to the following table.  

Amount of LossSuccess Commission
from EUR 20,000.00 up to EUR 100,000.0021%
from EUR 100,000.00 up to EUR 250,000.0020%
from EUR 250,000.00 up to EUR 1,000,000.0019%
over EUR 1,000,000.0018%

In order to sign up your claims in the model proceedings entirely and efficiently, we recommend that you register as soon as possible, as some time for the review of the claims and the preparation of the registration to the KapMuG proceedings is requiered. After you register, you receive all further instructions and necessary documents by email.  

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact